Camuy Cave Park & Arecibo Observatory

There are only two other places in the world where you will find a cave system massive or dramatic as the Rio Camuy and neither of them a tropical underground river thundering through it!

Visitors first see a short film about the caves and then descend into the caverns in open-air trolleys. The trip takes you through a 200-foot-deep (61m) sinkhole and a chasm where tropical trees, ferns, and flowers flourish, along with birds and butterflies. The trolley then goes to the entrance of Clara Cave of Epalme, one of 16 caves in the Camuy caves network, where visitors begin a 45-minute walk, viewing the majestic series of rooms rich in stalagmites, stalactites, and huge natural "sculptures" formed over the centuries.

Following your visit to this fascinating underworld there will be time for lunch before proceeding to the Arecibo Observatory visit. The Arecibo Observatory is one of the world’s most powerful radar-radio telescopes, and the largest single-unit radio telescope in the world.

What to bring or wear?

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Closed toe shoes or hiking shoes
  • Water
  • Camera

Minimum: 6 guests. (Only San Juan Area Hotels)